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As the owner of Ker-Fox Photography since 2009, shooting my first birth in 2011, and now over 100 births photographed... I've come across many photographers taking on birth photography as their specialization (after all it is one of the fastest growing genres of photography at the moment). Striving to be a leader in my community and within my industry I wanted to give customers in our area the option of knowing other photographers that I trust professionally. As birth photographers sometimes we have to rely on one another as back ups, and building dependable relationships is so important. I only take 2 births a month and it's impossible to accept every single inquiry. Also, I fully understand not everyone's budget allows for hiring me. No family should ever miss out on having these moments captured because of bookings or budget. However, birth photography is a luxury, and is something you should plan on saving for early on! Once you get that joyous news, I hope your next phone call is to book your birth photographer! Contact me now for my trusted referrals.